The Reason for Stop Popping

I have worked on the road for most my life but never as solidly traveling as this past two years. Because of this my social life is thin to nonexistent. So when one of my intimate friends I took it hard. I searched my head wondering if there was something I could have done to help prevent this tragedy?

The answer was Yes, but not at the time she could have used it. But in the future there would be. So I started putting together the Stop Popping Team and message. I swore an oath to her memory that I would not let this happen again to anyone else if I could stop it. And Stop Popping Project will be a good start.

We are building a prescription drug awareness program to bring this message to the schools & Universities across the country. The Show is a 1 hour plus multimedia presentation aimed at today’s youth to instill in them the seriousness of Prescription Drug Abuse. Its based on testimonials from Pill addiction survivors & victims with only months to live. We will include both celebrities & every day Americans who have fallen to this addiction proving that no one is immune to being a victim of addiction.

This is a fact filled hard hitting in your face presentation hosted by a staff comprised of persons who have lost friends & family to this National Tragedy. Some of the images are medically graphic & could be upsetting to younger or sheltered viewers, but necessary to show the true dangers.

We will deliver the shows message to nearly 1 million people a year in the Jr & Sr High Schools, Colleges & Universities as well as corporate events. To wake everyone up to the dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse so that what happened to my friend will never happen again.