Stop Popping is looking for Sponsors to Partner with us in your Region to bring our Prescription Abuse message to the people with your company name and logo on all of our literature and promotional hand outs as well as our web site and stage presence including in our Video Presentation. This is a great family and community tie for any company, especially in the Healthcare Industry.

We are looking for Sponsors in the United States and Canada. Either Regional or National Sponsors will be welcomed. Your Sponsorship help us defray the cost of handout literature, flyers, T Shirts and other give away Branded merchandise promoting the message, our web site and YOU, our Show’s Sponsor. It will also cover the cost of customizing Show Props and stage trappings as well as customizing our video with your information and a movie quality product placement of your Brand.

Please contact us for specifics about your area or region so we can customize a package for you that will not conflict with our other partners.