About Us

Stop Popping LLC is the Newest show created by FUN 1’s Productions, a company with over 30 years combined experience covering over 3000 played shows including everything from full motion simulators, Drunk and Distracted driving simulators, Laser Imaging, and mobile planetariums all the way to Game Shows, Music Video Production, to Karaoke, DJ and Bar entertainment. So when it comes to producing and promoting new shows, we have been there!

This will be the first of several Educational Shows that the FUN 1’s will produce but it is the most likely to help save lives. This Presentation Project was bumped to the front of our schedule when it effected the founders personally. This show is way past time and over due to the market with the rampant prescription drug abuse this country is suffering from.

Our short term goal is to present this material and message to over 1 million of this country and Canada’s youth from 10 to 25 years of age. To do this we will tie into the existing educational entertainment circuit by aligning with the top scholastic Agent who the Partners have had a working relationship with for almost 20 years.

Our Long term goals are to create a 501C3 non Profit Organization to help raise money to pay for treatment when Obamacare wont cover it. When a person hit bottom and needs help the most, the govt and most insurance companies wont cover the costs and someone needs to be there so that window of rescue is not missed.